Reduced costs and business risks

Cashless payments eliminate several business risks at a time such as theft of cash by employees or customers, use of counterfeit coins and tokens, constant servicing and eventual replacement of older payment solutions such as coin mechanisms

Moreover, it also reduces costs of security, withdrawing cash from bank, transporting, and counting.

Transaction speed

Making cash payments is time consuming for customers as well as the merchant or employee. That’s the reason why many businesses have decided to go cashless so that they can leverage faster transactions and increased efficiency.

Faster transactions also lead to enhanced customer satisfaction, increased revenue, and fewer errors.

Enhanced customer experience

Many laundromats provide outdated machines that either convert notes to coins or tokens or use a single EFTPOS terminals for customers to ‘purchase’ tokens or coins. With a fully integrated EFTPOS solution, this removes the need for complicated unnecessary steps. The customer simply swipes their card on the washer or dryer and starts their cycle.

The future is here !!